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"StOp ExPeCtInG yOu FrOm PeOpLe" Bye, Felicia!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019


I know what some of you are thinking and no I didn’t make a mistake; I fully intended to use alternate upper- and lower-case letters in this blog’s title. For those of you wondering why I chose to do this…

hey Baby Boomers.


allow me to explain:

When one spells a word or phrase out in this way, it typically means you are repeating the same word or phrase someone just said to you in a mocking tone; essentially you are poking fun at the person and what they said.

I’ve seen many people sharing this meme/quote followed by captions of agreeance on my various social media feeds and yes, I am mocking the hell out of it:


This meme is basically saying to stop expecting loyalty, goodness, kindness, respect, etc.; (essentially the honorable characteristics you possess) from people you encounter and/or have ‘friendships’ with because there are few to no people capable of giving the great amounts of good energy and vibes you execute to those around you.

Need a visual?

While at the market, you bought a lovely bouquet of flowers you thought would look great in the vase on the kitchen table. You prepare the flowers for display: cutting the protective wrap, filling the vase with water and flower food, etc. After prep, you place the flowers in the vase; wow, they are so beautiful! As time passes however, the flowers begin to wither and shrivel up; you continue to water the withered, dying flowers with the hopes they will see how much you still care and love them despite their current unhealthy state. You are beyond frustrated: you invested all that time watering those flowers and speaking life into those flowers and they still progressively got worse: withering and shriveling and eventually dying. How dare those flowers take you for granted! You scold the flowers for being dead and simply cannot comprehend why they didn’t reciprocate your ‘you’ vibes back and continue to be as beautiful as they were day one.

What are you saying, Keesh?



Stop accepting sub par ass behavior and treatment from family members, friends, and who/whatever else.

Learn to set and maintain healthy, self-loving boundaries.

Now, I’m not telling you to cut off everybody, change your identity and move to a distant country either.

I mean, unless, that’s what you wanna do…


But, I am advising you to choose people who choose you.


Do you know how much God loves and cares about every detail of your life? He didn’t breathe life into you for you to accept mistreatment from anyone. You don’t even have to be curt or rude in your severing methods; make up your mind that a certain person or situation is no longer serving your highest good and release them/it with love.

You most definitely should expect ‘you’ from people because you are worthy of a healthy tribe. A tribe that will pour into you as you pour into them; an equal exchange of energy, whether platonic, romantic, or professional.

Now, I know professional can be a bit more challenging; unfortunately, we aren’t always able to choose our supervisor and/or colleagues. In the past, I have simply utilized the gray rock method with perceived toxic coworkers: discuss work matters only and detach your emotions and reactions from the things they may say or do. It’s challenging, but not impossible; and trust me, I have dealt with some uniquely created individuals in the workplace.


In the end, it’s all about how you honor yourself. Yeah, there are some fickle ass people in this world, but that reflects them, not you. It’s your responsibility to take notice to patterns of neglect and properly adjust the relationship in question. Don’t pick a flower and water it, instead, plant and nurture a seed and watch it grow.

Cheers to manifesting a ‘you’ vibe tribe.


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