©2020 by xoxo Keesh

  • Keesh

Dear Black Girl, You Matter.


Dear Black Girl,

You matter.
You are loved.
You are supported.
You are appreciated.
Don’t you dare dim your light.

I know this world will make you think you are suppose to be ‘strong 24/7, 365’ and ‘independent as f*ck’ and ‘snatched with no cellulite’ and this and that.

But I am here to tell you this:

YOU ARE ENOUGH; in this present moment.

Not when you do this or when you achieve that; RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Unfortunately, many of us may not have been properly taught how to embrace our femininity. Most of us were taught to ‘make a way’, ‘to survive’, ‘to fight.’ While that more masculine type of energy has its time and place in our lives, so does your femininity.

Honor your femininity.

And when I say femininity, I don’t mean bubble baths and spa dates and avocado facials.

I am referring to your vulnerability.

Your willingness to be and allow God and the universe to provide.

Your stillness.

Your mindfulness.

Absolutely none of us; men, women, black, white, whatever have it all figured out. I am so tired of this world telling you, you beautiful Black Girl, that you must have it all together to be enough. That you must conform and shrink to the ‘norm’ to be enough.

You are not LOUD, you are passionate.

You are not CLINGY, you are vulnerable.

You are not CRAZY, you are hurt.

And that is okay.

And I know some of you may think, “Well, this message should not apply to all Black Girls because there are truly some fu*ked up Black Girls that do some fu*ked up things.” But guess what, I am talking about those Black Girls too. You know what all that anger and aggression and ugliness is?



Feelings of unworthiness.

All disguised as a “I don’t give a fu*k” attitude and actions. I pray for and wish the best to those Black Girls too. I pray for that Black Girl that tried to hurt me and you. I pray for that Black Girl that tried to help break you and me down at our lowest moment. She needs it. You matter too Black Girl and I am rooting for your healing.

Why say Black Girl and not Black Woman?

The ‘damaged’ parts we carry typically stem from brokenness from our childhood. Somewhere in your innocent being as a child, someone subconsciously or consciously, exposed you to something hurtful. Because we may not have had the necessary tools to properly heal that wound during childhood, we buried it in our subconscious mind and labeled it as a ‘characteristic.’

That’s not you Black Girl and you can heal.

So be vulnerable.

Be passionate.

Ask questions.

Be goofy.



Be Authentic.

Anyone who does not get it, that’s cool.

You were not put here to fit in.

Let things come in freely and release things freely when it is time.

Each day seek God. Each day choose you.

I love you Black Girl.

With love,

A Black Girl.