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I'll be happy, tomorrow.


Raise your hand if you are or have ever been an ‘I’ll be happy, tomorrow’ kinda person.

A what Keesh?

You know, an ‘I’ll be happy, tomorrow’ kinda person. Now, before you proudly proclaim that you are not and/or have never been this kinda person, allow me to share a few camouflages “I’ll be happy, tomorrow” often wears:

“I’ll be happy when I lose 10 pounds"
or “I’ll be happy when I make more money”
or “I’ll be happy when I move to the big city”

Okay so, I can’t see if your hand is raised or not and this ain’t Facebook, so my website isn’t connected to your thoughts,


but if you are being totally honest with yourself, I’m pretty sure every single person reading this blog raised their hand; I know I did.

See, “I’ll be happy, tomorrow,” is secretly manipulating and poisoning our thoughts and actions or lack thereof, day in and day out and most of us don’t even realize it. We fanaticize about how ‘happy’ we will be when we get to the next stage or platform of our life, while simultaneously, stewing on the current perceived misfortunes we feel we are experiencing.

But guess what, I have great news for you queens and kings: it’s all smoke and mirrors; distractions if you will; there is a way out of this seemingly endless maze of draining and unhealthy thought patterns.

What’s the tea Keesh?

Two words: Be present.

The present; today is literally all we have; all we can do is live each day and work to improve upon who we were yesterday; even the tiniest step forward is a cause for celebration.

You wanna know the craziest thing about the word happy? In this context, happy is simply an emotion and let me tell you something I’m pretty sure you already know, emotions are some fickle SOBs; they change and shift more in one day than Louisiana’s weather.


Want an example?

Let’s say your current job or home or whatever you are praying for increase and change for is the toy; you are the child and God is the father:

A child gets a brand new, sparkling toy; the child has desired and asked his or her father for this toy for weeks. When the child first receives the toy, oh wow, the child is so overjoyed and happy and plays with that toy and talks about that toy morning, noon, and night. As time moves along, that new toy ain’t so new anymore; it doesn’t have the same shine and sparkle it once did to the child; now the toy is scratched or missing a part and the child wants the brand new toy that was on the YouTube commercial the other night. The child begs and pleads with the father for the new toy; Every. Single. Day. Seemingly, the father doesn’t respond; the father is ‘ignoring’ the child. The child is bewildered at this perceived neglect. The child exclaims, “I’ve asked and begged and pleaded with my father for that brand-new toy; for sure, He sees how happy that brand new toy will make me.” “Why is my father purposely ignoring me?!”

God isn’t ignoring us; He’s asking you and me to exercise a bit of patience and be present.

As an “I’ll be happy, tomorrow” kinda person, you are unknowingly robbing yourself of the present blessing God previously granted upon your request; within His will. I’m not saying our present moments are always ideal; we grow and evolve and at certain points desire new things and experiences, but guess what; all you have, is what you have now, so why not make the most of it and sit in faith trusting that God heard you and is working in your favor?

But, the current situation I’m in, I didn’t pray for Keesh; I didn’t ask for it. It happened to me.

Unfortunately, we don't ask for all the situations we experience; trust me, I get it. I try to look at it as something unfortunate that happened for me; something that happened for me to give God the glory once I can exclaim and give my testimony that I made it through despite the trials and tribulations.

So, I shouldn’t ask or dream for new beginnings and opportunities?

Yes, you absolutely should ask for them. Be specific and intentional about the things you wish to manifest and if no one else has told you lately, I’m telling you today: you can do or have whatever it is you desire; own it! Affirm it! But I am also telling you (and myself) to be okay with what 'it is' right now.

Here are a few tips to help us stay present:

1. Purge your social media feeds.

Seems silly, right? Wrong. Did you know the average adult spends about 11 or more hours on social media per day; that’s almost half the day! So why are you following influencers or pages that trigger comparison, anxiety, and depression? Use social media as an inspiration board. The moment you realize a social media page triggers you into having negative thoughts, please do yourself a favor and immediately remove it from your feed.

2. Express gratitude and be a good steward.

Whichever area or areas of your life you are praying for change and/or increase, find one thing in those areas in your current situation you are grateful for; speak it out loud each day. Even if the only ‘good’ thing you can think of about your job is that the printer is close by your desk and you appreciate the convenience; express gratitude! Also, make sure you are being a good steward over what God has already given you. Yeah, I know you don’t like that job, but don’t half ass it either. Gratitude and good stewardship are the quickest ways to elevation.

3. Honor and celebrate yourself.

This life doesn’t come with a manual or instructions; we are just doing the best we can and each day that you make conscious attempts at improving upon yourself is worthy of celebration. Allot some time out of your schedule (you too mommies and daddies) to do something that you love; even if it’s only for 30 minutes. When you honor yourself, you give that little girl or boy within you freedom to play and create; subconsciously, you are telling yourself that you matter and when you do that, it not only fills your cup, but overflows into those around you.

We gotta stop living for tomorrow and living in today. Shit happens. Life is messy; it ain’t perfect by a long shot, but we gotta stop projecting our happiness, peace, and joy toward a tomorrow, that may never come.

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