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Hello July! Mid year Check-in


The first half of 2019 has come and gone, and this is a great time for a bit of self-reflection:

1. Have you made honest efforts towards the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year?

2. Have you completed any of those goals? If so, have you expressed gratitude and honored yourself for your achievement(s)?

Yes? That's great! Keep that same momentum for the remainder of 2019.

If not, no reason to fret; simply refocus.

In the next few days, allot some time to journal/write out the opportunities, experiences, etc. you’d like to manifest before we enter 2020; then take it month by month; one day at a time. Remember this is a marathon.

RIP Nipsey


One of my personal goals for 2019 has been to clean up credit card debt I’ve acquired over the last few years and I’m proud to say I made great progress the first half of the year. When you write out your goals and give them ‘soft’ deadlines (because life happens, right?), it makes it that much easier to visibly see your progress during reflection periods.

Another exercise that helps keep me focused is assigning each month a personal mantra. During the last week of the current month, I mediate and pray for the month to come; allowing God to speak to me. Then I select a word or mantra(s) to standby for the month.

Need an example?

For the month of June, I selected the following mantras:

“Get God Out of the Box!”

“Less Fear, More Faith.”

So, in holding myself accountable to my mantras, I published my blog (thank you for reading and supporting) the first of June; and honestly, I was so nervous. If you’ve read my first blog, Saturn’s Beautiful Return, you know that I was extremely transparent; it was the first time I publicly spoke about my divorce and healing process. I was literally sweating when I pressed publish. But I’ll tell you this: I am so happy I did it; this journey thus far has been so freeing and I am honored to share the lightness and darkness that makes me, me; even if it only helps one person; I’m overjoyed and proud to exclaim my testimony of God’s grace and mercy.

For July, I’ve selected:


Being unapologetically, authentically Keesh.


I'm challenging you: Take a moment after reading this blog and meditate and pray over your month of July; set a mantra or two and a small goal that will help toward your overall goal(s) for 2019. Please feel free share them with me in the comments!


**Music is a form of therapy for me: Check out my ‘Authenticity’ July 2019 playlist… these songs are currently my favorite vibes. S/O to my friend, HD ‘Cool in the Middle,’ for the inspiration.

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