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Secure, the Secured Bag

Updated: Jun 28, 2019


So, would you believe me if I told you that your ‘bag’ was already secured and all that is required of you is to simply ‘be’ in alignment to receive it?


I’m not gonna front with you, I am still subconsciously/consciously working on fully surrendering to the above affirmation myself. It is easy to cling to the potential ‘doom and gloom’ of your current financial situation because it is what the eye is seeing, and what you are experiencing; especially if you currently consider yourself 'living paycheck to paycheck’ or working two or more jobs plus a side hustle or paying back a ridiculous amount of student loans.

Navient, I been waiting on you at tha door


But, rest in knowing this bit of good news: God wants you to live an abundant life and it was already written before you were even born for you to be abundant in all areas of your life!

At my last therapy session (hey, girl, hey), she challenged me to research the word overflow. A seemingly simple word, yet once I researched and really thought about it, I realized its meaning was much denser in a wider scope. People often exclaim that they want God to send them an overflow of abundance (for the sake of this blog, we will focus on money), but what does that really mean?

So, I researched it:

Overflow (v). flow over the brim of a receptacle

Overflow (n). the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space

What I gathered from those definitions is this:

When an available space (you and me) is already filled/full (making conscious efforts toward financial freedom/secured financial freedom), the additional substance being poured in (money) then pours over the available space (you and me) because the available space is unable at that point to physically hold any additional substance because it is properly sustained (giving to others).

So, what are you saying Keesh?

We must make daily, conscious efforts to secure what already was secured for us by God. It’s okay if right now you are ‘living paycheck to paycheck’ or working multiple jobs, but are you really doing your part to obtain financial freedom?

Here are a few tips to securing, your secured bag:

1. Create a monthly budget and stick to it.

Trust me, you don’t need those shoes sis, they’ll just hurt your feet anyway, and like our parents use to say, “There’s food at the house.”

2. Say daily money affirmations with the palms of your hands facing upward toward the sky.

Affirm what is yours! There is power in the tongue and the thoughts. And it doesn’t have to be a ‘fancy ritual;’ simply saying, “I am a money magnet” works!

3. Open a savings account.

Even if you can only comfortably save $20 a month, trust me, it will add up. Most commercial banks will offer monetary incentives when you are a new customer opening an account.

Click here to open a Chase savings account and potentially claim a $350 bonus

(qualifying activities required)

3a. Open an online only savings account. Now for some, this may not be the most comfortable option; I’ll admit, I had my reservations at first, but after doing adequate research, I learned how beneficial this option can be. Online saving accounts typically offer higher interest rates than commercial banks and who doesn’t love free money? Also, processing of funds between your checking account and an online savings will take longer; meaning you are less likely to dibble and dabble and draw funds from this account on impulse.

So, save it and forget it!


4. Spend less than your monthly income.

Duh, right? Wrong. Credit cards play a big factor here. You are seemingly not ‘spending your money’ at the time, but you’re actually spending your money plus some once you factor in interest rates.

5. Be encouraged and express gratitude.

Trouble don't last always and neither will your current financial situation, if you do the necessary work. You are not alone in this and you can experience financial freedom; you deserve it!

Remember: the bag is already yours, but you must play an active role in securing and cleaning up your finances; make it a point from this day forward to challenge yourself to being more conscious of your spending habits and make a plan.

If a billionaire approached you right now and said, “Hey, I want to pay all your accounts in full; your mortgage, car balance, student loans, etc., but you have to tell me right now, in this very moment the exact amount you need to the penny or no deal.”

Are you equipped to secure that bag?

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