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Thank you, Al Gore.


On March 9, 1999, the then Vice President of the United States of America, Al Gore, sat and conducted a seemingly standard presidential campaign interview with the hopes of securing the 2000 Democratic Presidential candidate nomination. When asked during this now famous CNN interview why the Democrats should support him in lieu of the other Democratic candidates, Mr. Gore briefly discussed a few of his admirable contributions to the American people: his efforts in improving the country’s quality of life, his service in the United States’ Congress and moving various initiatives forward that supported the country’s economic growth, environmental protection, educational system and the internet.

Now, there are many sources that argue Mr. Gore never really claimed he invented the internet and his words and message were misconstrued. However, for the last two decades, there has been an ongoing joke that Al Gore created the entire concept and tool that is the internet. This is perhaps why you may have heard or seen people say comments, such as, “Not on Mr. Al Gore’s internet!” or “World Wide Web Al Gore.”

Now, I’m not here to confirm or deny Mr. Gore’s achievements and inventions or the lack thereof, but to simply ride the wave of it indeed being Mr. Al Gore’s internet and thank him.

What are you getting at Keesh?

I’m glad you asked. Whether Al Gore created the internet or not, I know we all are thankful for its creation in some way, form, or fashion. While the internet and the instant access to information, some true and some false, has its challenges and downfalls, it has also done us a fair amount of good.


When proper research is conducted, there are many sources available that can be utilized as helpful tools as we navigate through this unpredictable thing, we call life.

The average adult spends 11 or more hours on social media, i.e. the internet, so why not use it to your advantage? Why not tap into websites and apps that empower and uplift you?

Here are my current favorite top 5 apps I utilize at least once a day.

The Pattern

Now this app may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of you that are invested in or curious about astrology and how it plays a role in our lives, this is an amazing app to explore. You simply provide your name, birthday, time of birth, place of birth, and gender and it generates “in-depth, comprehensive information about yourself, your relationships, and the various time periods in your life.”

Most of the information The Pattern generates for me, I can honestly say, is accurate; but at times, I do receive information that I feel is totally off and non-relatable. And guess what, that’s okay! This is just an app; it’s not the holy grail. Take the information for what it is and don't get too caught up in it.

The Secret to Money

This is probably my favorite of my favorites list. The Secret has helped alter my entire outlook on money and the many ways I can welcome and affirm money into my life. There are several sections within The Secret: Purchases, Manifested Money, Daily Inspirations, Affirmations, Desires, and Giving.

This is an amazing way to jot down your wants and desires for the abundance to come, receive daily money affirmations to speak aloud, and track how much abundance you have attracted/received and poured out into others.

I downloaded this app May 2018 and since downloading, I have tracked every single form of abundance I have received.

Thus far, I have manifested $11,726.00!

In a little over a year, I attracted almost $12k. This includes any lunches gifted, coupons used, cash back rewards, etc. It all adds up and it helps to visually see it.



#SelfishBabe is a super dope, relatively new app created by Olanikee Osi. The Selfish Babe app includes: a podcast, blog posts, motivational quotes, etc. If you turn the Selfish Babe notifications on, you will receive random boss babe quotes/memes throughout the day, and somehow, they always seem to push through at just the right time.


Tabata is a form of high-intensity, interval training; which is my personal favorite type of exercise. With the Tabata app, you can set-up your workout in which ever way best suites you. If you want to do a cycle of 4 different exercises, with 3 sets of each exercise for 25 seconds each, Tabata’s got you! You are also able to set up a rest period in-between each set and/or cycle. Tabata will even say “rest” and “exercise,” based upon the settings you choose so you can fully concentrate on your workout and not have to worry with looking at a timer or stopwatch.

Set it and put your phone down sis and put that work in.



This is an amazing app to download. There are hundreds, upon hundreds of helpful podcasts readily available to fill you with amazing information. On an iPhone, you can even simultaneously listen to podcasts while still handling other matters on your device. Some of my favorite podcasts are: Transformation Church, Ancient Wisdom Today, and Joel Osteen Spiritual.

When utilized to serve your highest good, the internet can be a very powerful and useful tool that helps to uplift and empower you. Twenty years ago, the thought of a hand-held device with the capabilities and access to information a cellphone has now, was probably laughable and deemed totally absurd. Please do not take your access to the internet for granted or utilize it in a way that doesn't best serve your conscious and subconscious mind.

So in closing, thank you Al Gore; your contribution to this country and the American people will never be forgotten.